Safety First: How To Avoid Winter Scaffolding Accidents

18 November 2018
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Winter is coming quickly. If you work on scaffolding, now's the time to start worrying about your safety. Winter weather can create hazardous work conditions, especially if you're not prepared for the changes. Here are four safety tips to follow that will keep you safe on your scaffolding this winter.

Keep the Scaffolding Clean

Winter weather can leave your scaffolding coated in things like mud, ice and snow. Unfortunately, those three things can lead to some serious injuries, especially if they're left on your scaffolding for too long. While you're working, be sure to keep scaffolding clear of mud, ice and snow. It's also a good idea to cover your scaffolding, when it's not in use, especially overnight. The constant exposure to the elements can undermine the structural integrity of your scaffolding.

Ensure a Stable Foundation

When you're working on scaffolding during the winter months, you need to ensure a stable foundation for your equipment. This is particularly true when setting your scaffolding up on the dirt. Rain and snow can turn dirt into mud quite quickly. Unfortunately, mud isn't a stable foundation for scaffolding. In fact, if your scaffolding is on mud, it could collapse. If you're going to be working on scaffolding during the winter, and you'll be setting up on dirt, create a plywood subfloor for your equipment. The plywood will provide stability for your scaffolding.

Always Use a Safety Harness

If you'll be working on a scaffolding during the winter, always use your safety harness, especially if you're expecting snow or rain. A wet surface increases your risk of slip and fall accidents, which can be deadly when you're working on scaffolding. The safety harness will prevent serious injuries during the wet weather. For maximum protection, wear your safety harness whenever you're working on a scaffolding – regardless of the weather conditions.

Monitor Your Surroundings

When you're on a scaffolding, it's crucial that you monitor your surroundings at all times. You never know when conditions are going to change quickly, and you need to be prepared. Keep weather protection nearby whenever working on scaffolding during the winter. Also, keep safety lighting on hand, for those projects that require you to work into the evening. Reflective clothing ensures that you'll be visible from the scaffolding, which is important once the sun goes down.

When your job requires you to be on a scaffolding, you need to take your safety seriously. The tips discussed here will keep you safe during the winter months. For more information, check out a website like