3 Crucial Steps When Maintaining Industrial Transformers

11 January 2018
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Industrial transformers are complex devices that transfer electrical current from one circuit to another. Although built with durable and reliable parts, transformers do not last forever. You can prolong their life, though, and provide safety by performing the following maintenance steps throughout the year. 

Check for Variations in Sound

A lot of times you can tell something is wrong with a transformer just by the way it sounds. A normal sound, no matter what type of transformer it is, is dependent on the core's tightness and structure of the internal components. The sound will naturally go up when the amount of voltage increases.

If there are loud noises coming from the transformer when voltage isn't applied, the system may be overcharging. This poses a lot of risks to workers nearby, and the system should be shut off immediately until a repair technician can pinpoint the cause. Internal damage may have resulted that needs to be addressed before continued operation. 

Monitor Tank Heating 

When there is an abnormality with the transformer's lead connections, currents are often redirected that then cause hot spots to form on various surfaces. You'll be able to visibly see these spots upon further inspection up close. If these spots are present, shut off the system and contact a professional who can conduct the appropriate electrical tests. 

When the repair technician comes out, they'll inspect the internal connections to make sure they haven't been compromised in any way. If they have, they'll be replaced in a safe, efficient manner so that the entire system is no longer prone to overheating. 

Watch Out for Oil Leaks 

A common culprit for a transformer's system failure is an oil leak. Ideally, the oil levels should rise and fall with the oil temperature. If they don't, there is the possibility of an internally leak. In this instance, you need to cease transformer operation as oil leaks could significantly damage integral parts. 

After hiring the appropriate technician, they'll quickly identify the leak's source and refill the system back to the appropriate levels before severe damage results. They can also analyze the oil's temperature to make sure it's not going above the normal range. 

If there are industrial transformers on your work site, proactive maintenance is of your utmost concern. Not only does it save you a lot of money on complex repairs, it creates a safer work environment where employees don't run the risk of getting severely injured.