FAQ About Renting A Crane

14 July 2016
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Did you purchase a house that has a rooftop deck and now need a convenient way of moving furniture up there? The easiest way to get furniture to your rooftop deck is to avoid trying to squeeze it through doorways and up stairwells. By opting for a crane rental, you will be able to get your furniture from the ground placed directly on the rooftop deck. This article will answer a few of the questions that you might have in regards to renting a crane for moving furniture.

Can a Crane Rental Be Delivered?

Once you pay for a crane rental, you won't have to worry about getting it to your house. The rental company will be responsible for delivering the crane, as well is coming back to retrieve it. Basically, the crane will automatically be retrieved when your rental time is up.

What Kind of Operating Skills Are Required?

You can actually rent a crane without having any type of skills. You don't even have to apply for a special permit. But if you're nervous or don't want to do it, rental companies can send a trained professional to your house to operate the crane on your behalf. You will just have to pay a little extra if an operator is included with the rental.

Will the Furniture Be Safe?

Cranes are designed to safely transport furniture to high levels on a building structure. Basically, your furniture will be secure with heavy duty straps to keep everything in place. The straps will be wrapped around the furniture and attached to a hook on the hoist. More furniture can be transported at a time if you get a crane that has multiple hoists on it.

Can a Crane Be Rented for Under a Day?

You don't have to worry about having a crane rental in your possession longer than it is needed. Most rental companies will allow their customers to rent cranes by the hour. If you end up needing the crane a little longer, you can simply pay more money to extend your time. However, getting an extension will depend on if any other customers have reserved the crane during the extra time that you need.

What Will Be Charged?

Expect to pay at least $100 and up per hour if you want a crane and an operator for under a day. If you want a daily rental with no operator, expect to pay at least $100 and up per day. Visit a heavy construction equipment rental company and reserve a crane as soon as you are ready.