Crane Rental Strategies And Jobsite Preparation Steps

28 March 2022
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Your rigger's role and your responsibilities as a project leader are key components of a successful crane operation. Consult with your rigger in advance about the crane type that is needed on a job site and speak to the job site's facility manager to ensure that the property is adequately prepped.

The Rigger's Role

Your rigger will connect the chains, cables, and straps that are necessary for hoisting materials via a crane. Since some cranes are designed for rugged terrain and others are more suited for use on flat land, your rigger's insight into what type of crane rental you will need is essential. Cranes come in many sizes and may support the use of various attachments. In some environments, you may need a wider or longer attachment piece than others, to safely hoist materials to their final destination.

Upon hiring a rigger, provide them with specifications about the upcoming project. Your rigger can give you a rough estimate in which the work can be completed and can guide you in selecting rental equipment that will be well-suited for the tasks that will be completed. 

The Prep Requirements

If your project is being conducted on a site that contains buildings that are partially or fully constructed, the facility manager may have a hand in preparing the site for the crane applications. You will need the manager's approval to begin the project and will need to relay pertinent information to them about where you intend to operate the crane.

For instance, if there will be other people on the job site who will be parking in an area where the crane will be operated, you and the manager will need to create a plan that will ensure that there is enough room for your rigger to safely maneuver the machinery. If any windows or doors in the building need to be removed or if you will need access to areas where equipment and other items are currently located, let the manager know.

The manager can give you some insight into how they plan on preparing the land for the arrival of the rental equipment. In addition, they may provide you with some details about where your rigger can park the rental equipment at the end of each day. Upon speaking with the project manager, confirm the date and time that you will be renting the crane. The rental outfitter should be given clear and concise directions about where you would like the crane and attachments dropped off.

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