About A Problematic Forklift

26 October 2016
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Does your forklift have numerous problems, so you are prepared to invest in a new one? Even when forklift problems seem to be severe, sometimes the only thing needed is a new part to be installed. You can get a general idea of what kind of repairs might need to be done based on the specific problems that your forklift has been experiencing. In this article, you will learn some general knowledge on diagnosing the problems so you will know if it is worth investing in repairs or not.

The Forklift Has Stopped Starting Up

There are a few things that can lead to a forklift not starting up. When a starter is in bad shape, you can actually start the forklift up for a brief moment. However, the engine stops working soon after you have started the forklift up. You will likely need to invest in a new starter. Another thing that can lead to a forklift not starting up is the battery, such as if it is no longer able to function at its fullest ability and needs to be replaced.

It Is Unable to Lift Objects in a Speedy Manner

When a forklift begins having problems with lifting objects, it points to something being wrong with the hydraulic system. There are several things that a hydraulic system requires in order to operate as it should. For instance, you must have a sufficient amount of hydraulic fluid in the forklift. It is also possible that the lines to the hydraulic system have become damaged and need to be sealed up or replaced. The hydraulic cylinders should also be considered as the root of the problem, as they can be worn out and need to be replaced.

There Is Frequent Overheating from the Engine

If an overheating engine is the problem you are experiencing with the forklift, the radiator is one of the most common causes. It is possible that the ports in the radiator are blocked from an accumulation of debris, which can simply be cleaned by a mechanic. If you have had the forklift for many years, it is also possible that the radiator has simply become rusty and old, which can be replaced. There is a thermostat that works with the radiator to send coolant to the engine, so get it inspected in case it has been malfunctioning. Visit a dealer to purchase the necessary parts to bring your forklift back to an operational condition.