Removing Tree Stumps From Your Yard

5 September 2015
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If you have just purchased a new home, and the previous owners had left several unsightly tree stumps on the parcel of land, you will want to work at having them removed to beautify your property. Tree stump removal is usually done by a professional tree service, but if you are trying to save money you can try doing the job on your own. Here are some ways you can improve your yard's appearance by removing or decorating tree stumps on your property.

Grind Down The Stumps

Consider renting a tree stump remover from a rental service like Rentals And More Inc. A tree service would remove your stumps using this same piece of equipment, most likely for a higher price than the cost of renting the machinery yourself. When renting, ask the service for instructions on how to operate the machinery properly. Always wear gloves and goggles when using a stump grinder to help protect your skin and eyes from bits of wood that fly during the process of removal.

Have a friend available to watch you as you work on the stumps so they can be available to help you if you have difficulty positioning the equipment properly or in case of an emergency. Renting a stump grinder is the quickest way to completely remove your stumps.

Use Chemicals To Weaken

Go the landscaping department in a local home goods store to buy chemicals that will disintegrate the composition of the tree stumps in your yard. These chemicals will slowly eat away at the wood of the stumps, making them easy to pull out of the ground as a result.

First, drill several holes in the tops of the stumps you want to remove. Pour the chemicals into these holes and allow it to seep into the wood over the next several days. Check the stumps every few days to see if they have softened from the chemicals and remove when you are able to pull pieces off by hand.

Dig Out Yourself

If you decide to try digging stumps out yourself, you may need a few friends to help with the process so you do not get too tired in the process. Dig around the circumference of each stump and break up any larger roots using an as. When the stump feels as if it is loosened from the soil, use a chainsaw to break it into smaller chunks so you can lift them out of the ground.

Use As Garden Decor

Decorate the existing stumps by using a drill to add holes to the top portion of each stump. This will weaken the wood, allowing you to cut pieces from the stump using a small ax. Remove much of the inside of the stump, leaving the bark intact along the perimeter. The stump will resemble a bowl. Fill each one with potting soil and plant colorful flowers inside to give your yard a festive look.