Innovations In Construction Equipment

21 July 2015
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When operating a business in the construction industry, projects can sometimes take longer than expected for various reasons. With most customers desiring to have their projects completed as quickly as possible, these delays could cause serious problems and even lost business. Fortunately, there are always new innovations being introduced that can save time and help improve your overall process. Here are some of the latest innovations in construction equipment:

Quick-drying concrete

One aspect that may waste time while on a job is the length of time it takes for the concrete to cure. High levels of humidity can increase drying time, which means extra time will be needed before a job could be completed. Thanks to an innovative new rapid-drying concrete, contractors are able to complete certain jobs faster than ever before. This new concrete is able to dry quickly because its special formula enables it to absorb moisture caused by various weather conditions.  

Combining hemp & lime in construction projects

More and more residential and business construction projects are calling for energy-efficient buildings and homes that will enable savings when it comes to maintaining comfortable interior temperatures. With this idea in mind, a very effective concoction was created. A combination of the wood-like core of industrial hemp and a binder composed of lime has been discovered to have the ability to form an excellent basis for construction. This combination results in very durable and high quality thermal insulation. This helps businesses and homeowners to achieve their money-saving goals, as heating and cooling use is minimized due to this very effective new creation.

Bonded titanium dioxide to improve concrete roofs

Students at the University of California, Riverside have made an amazing discovery. Through extensive studies and research, they have developed a coating that enables concrete roofs to clean the air, which can improve the environment. The special coating, which consists of a bonded titanium dioxide mixture, was tested and proved to have the ability to almost completely rid the air in a certain area of nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide is a chemical compound that produces smog. Smog contributes to allergies, asthma, and other environmental illnesses worldwide. For only $5, homeowners and businesses everywhere can help protect the environment and minimize environmentally-related illnesses.

The specific construction equipment and warehouse material handling supplies that you use really does make a difference in how well your business can perform. By upgrading to the latest and most technologically-advanced tools, you can grow your business more than you may have ever thought possible. Increasing amounts of these advancements are incorporating more environmentally-friendly aspects into them, which can save money while protecting people's health at the same time.