Need a Home Demolished? The Steps That Need to Be Taken

15 June 2015
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When you want to save money on the cost of buying land, you may want to consider buying land that has a dilapidated home on it. Many buyers do not want to deal with the hassle of buying a piece of property that has a home that needs to be torn down on it. The following guide walks you through the process that will need to be taken in order to demolish the home and prepare for a new home build.

Hire a Contracting Crew

The first thing you need to do is to hire a company that can take care of the demolition, disposal, and rebuild for you. Be sure that they are licensed to operate a crane and a bulldozer before hiring them.

Get the Proper Permits

Before you can demolish a home, you need to get permits from a few of the departments in your jurisdiction. An experienced contractor will know what it takes to get the permits.

Rent the Necessary Equipment

You will need to rent a crane and a bulldozer in order to knock down the home and then remove it from the property. The crane needs to be equipped with a wrecking ball so that it can break apart the home within a matter of minutes.

Salvage Sellable Items

There are often salvageable items in the home that you can remove and resell to get cut down on the overall cost. Remove toilets, sinks, shutters, and cabinets from the property before it is demolished.

Demolish the Home

The company will then use the wrecking ball attached to the crane to break the home apart. The home will need to be broken into small portions so that it can be easily hauled away in dump trucks, dumpsters, or trucks.  

Clean Up the Home

The construction company will then use the bulldozer to scoop up the demolished home and pour it into the dumpster or truck that you have chosen to use for the disposal. All of the home will need to be removed before you can move on in the building process. The company will know what pieces can be disposed of at the dump and which pieces need to be taken to the landfill. Some dumps forbid certain pieces of homes to be dumped at their locations for safety reasons.

Once the home is demolished and removed from the property, the site where the house was standing could then be reused as the foundation for your future home. You will already have the well and septic dug for the home, which will cut down on the cost of the build substantially. For more information on renting a crane, talk to a professional like A C Jones Trucking Inc.